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Credit & Debit Card

Global Payments Canada
Tethered ICT250 EMV Receipt Print Certified
Tethered VX810 EMV
Wireless IWL250 Series EMV Receipt Print Certified
Pay At The Table Using Terminal Management Concepts TGI Software (Fees Apply)

Chase Paymentech Canada
Tethered ICT250 EMV Receipt print Certified

First Data Canada
Tethered VX820 EMV

Mercury Payments / Data Cap United States

Paymentree Middleware (Fees Apply)

Receipt / Prep. Printers Using POS Spooler

Star SP200 Serial Dot Matrix Printer
Star SP300 Serial Dot Matrix Printer
Samsung SRP350 Serial Thermal Printer
Samsung SRP270 Serial Dot Matrix Printer
Epson TMT88 Serial Thermal Printer
Epson TMU220 Serial Dot Matrix Printer

Receipt / Prep. Printers Using Windows Print Spooler

Any Serial, Parallel, USB or Network Printer Configured as Generic Text Only

Pole Displays

DSP800 Serial Emulation
Epson Emulation


CAS  KiloTECH  PD-1 and PD-2 Serial Weight Scale

Barcode Printers

Cognitive Solution Barcode Blazer Advantage LX
Zebra 2824+ Series Barcode Printer

Portable Data Collectors

Unitech PT630 Data Collector

Barcode Scanners

The system will function with any USB or PS2 Barcode Scanner

USB to RS232 Connectors

Any cable using the Prolific 1.0 to 2.0 Driver

Kitchen Displays


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