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Can I create my own reports within POS simplicity?

All reports within POS simplicity are created using Crystal Reports. The POSitive edge can create custom reports for you. If you purchase your own copy of Crystal Reports, then you can create your own reports.

Can I access the data using Microsoft Excel ?

The POS simplicity database is ODBC compliant.  Microsoft Excel can open any ODBC compliant database. For more information on this, go to Help in Excel and type ODBC under the index search. The System DSN for POS simplicity is POSedge.

Can I use a Parallel or USB receipt printer instead of a serial printer ?

POS simplicity works best with serial printers because we can access the printers directly without any interference from Windows so its the recommended method. However, you can use parallel or USB printers if you wish. 
1) Create the printer using the Windows Add Printer Wizard and select the type as Generic Text Only and give it a Name such as RECEIPT1, RECEPT2 etc.
2) Share the printer under Windows and make the shared name RECEIPT1, RECEIPT2 etc
3) Create the printer within POS simplicity under System Printers and check the Use Windows Printer box
4) Enter the Windows Shared name using UNC naming conventions eg \\POSSERVER\RECEIPT1
5) Assign the printer to the appropriate station under Station Setup.

See System Printer in POSSimplicity Help for more information

You can also use a Serial Printer connected to a USB port on you PC by purchasing a USB to RS232 cable. These cables are inexpensive (around $30) and will allow you to use a serial printer on a PC that does not have any serial ports.

Do you have any samples of SQL (Structured Query Language)?

SQL is a universal language that gets and saves information to a databasae. Using various programs such as Microsoft Access or our own DBeditor, you can enter your own queries to modify the POSsimplicity data, get totals, or remove records. Here are some basic basic queries.

My stock levels are not being updated when I sell and receive stock.
The POSsimplicity System Manager is not running. The System Manager should be running in the Windows system tray on one computer only, usually your main POS station. To start the System Manager, go to your main POS terminal, double click My Computer, double click C, double click POSEDGE, double click System Manager, close all open Windows. Once the System Manager is started, it will update all information to get your stock levels back on track.

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